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Impounded Vehicles

In the event that your vehicle has been impounded from Private property or by a Police department, the following is a general guideline of the necessary paperwork you will need in order to claim your vehicle.



1. Valid Driverís License and/or Government Issued Photo Identification Card (passport, military ID card, province issued ID card). If you are not bringing your Driverís License you will need a person with a valid Driverís License to drive your car for you as well as other ID to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle.


2. Proof of Ownership - Insurance Papers in your name either in your vehicle or on your person.


3. All fees are to be paid in Cash / Debit / Visa or MasterCard before the vehicle leaves the property.


4. If a ďHOLDĒ has been placed on your vehicle by a Police department, you must obtain a release from that department. They need to fax a release to us on their letterhead before your vehicle can be released to you.


5. If your vehicle is impounded for a Vehicle Impound (30 day, 60 day or 90 day) you will need to go to the DMV to have the release †††††††††† permissions faxed to us. This can be done up to 10 days prior to the release, anywhere that you can renew your Driverís license.



** If you as the registered owner of the impounded vehicle are unable to pick it up yourself for any reason, there are other options. Please contact us for further details.