Kustom Towing (2009) Ltd.


About Us

We would like to introduce the Parker Family.


Gary has been working in the towing industry since high school when he did work experience and has never left. After working so hard for all these years his next step was to own his own business of the job he loves to do. He is a family man with 2 kids, as a matter of fact his son was brought into the business by him rushing his wife to the hospital while she was in labor. Talking about going over and above the call of duty for this hard work.


Cheryl Has been married to Gary for 20 years and has been working as a wife, dispatch and admin in the industry on and off for 22 years so together they have 51 years of experience. Their daughter is a hard worker as well learning the business from her mom and Dad.


We are very Happy to introduce you to the New owners of Kustom Towing (2009) Ltd.